Company Background

M Pictures Entertainment Plc. (Previous name) Traffic Corner Holdings Public Company Limited (“the Company”) was established on November 5, 2001 with an initial registered capital of THB 15 million. The objective of the Company is to invest in mass media companies, especially marketing management of sports events and news programs on radio and television. Afterward, the Company have merged with M Pictures Co.,Ltd. in order to extend the business to film entertainment business by providing Cinemas, DVD-VCD-Blu- Ray manufacturers, Free TV, Cable TV, Pay TV, and Digital Pay TV, film copyrights. Moreover, the company has invested in Thai film production through the Company’s subsidiaries since 2011. As of December 31, 2016, there is THB 1,315,337,205 of registered capital and THB 1,300,119,176 paid-up capital.

Present, the Company made investment in the business relating to entertainment media through cinemas, television, film production and home entertainment through subsidiaries as follows;

In 2008
The Company has invested in M Pictures Co.,Ltd. (MP) which engaged in film business by being the importer of copyrights of International films especially from various sources such as important international film festivals, Asian independent film studios for feeding Cinemas.
In 2009
The Company has invested in M V D Co.,Ltd. (MVD) (previous name is Pacific Marketing and Entertainment group Co.,Ltd.) which engages in film business by providing Thai and international film copyrights to manufacture home entertainment media. Resulted from investing in MVD, the Company becomes a major shareholders and parent company of M Thirty Nine Co., Ltd. (M39) and Pacific Media Sales Co.,Ltd. which was MVD’s subsidiaries.
In 2010
The Company has restructured and invested in M Thirty Nine Co.,Ltd. (M39) replace M V D Co.,Ltd. which engages in the business of Thai film production.
In 2013
The Company has invested additionally in 2 companies; M Talent Co., Ltd. (Thai films production studio and book publisher) and Major Kantana Broadcasting Co.,Ltd (Cable TV) to strengthen our business and be suitable for the market and consumer at that time.
In 2014
The Company increased the registered capital by Right Offering to the existing shareholders for supporting business in the group. Moreover, we joint invested 28.57% of registered capital (THB 175,000,000) in Thai film studio, Transformation Films Co.,Ltd., with True Icontent Co.,Ltd., Matching Studio Plus Co.,Ltd and Bangkok Film Studio Co.,Ltd.
In 2015
The company has joint invested with MVP Entertainment Pte. (Singapore) in portion of 40 % of the share established MVP M-PICTURES Film Distribution (Lao) Co., Ltd. aims to distribute films’ rights in Lao RPD. (Registered capital LAK 1,000,000,000 or 125,000 USD approximately)
In 2016
The company has joint invested in Metacogitions Co.,Ltd. Media advertising agency , in portion of 60%, to support movie in the group.
In 2017
The company has focused on Thai films production business. Moreover, the company has more invested in MVD Co.,Ltd. in amount of 32,250,000 ordinary shares at par value 10 Baht per share (the company holds 52,249,995 ordinary shares or 522,499,950 baht).
Presently, the Company has investment in 9 companies as below;
  1. M Pictures Co., Ltd. (Invested in February 2008)
  2. M V D Co. ,Ltd. (Invested in July 2009)
  3. M Thirty Nine Co., Ltd. (Invested in March 2010)
  4. Pacific Media Sales Co., Ltd.*
  5. M Talent Co., Ltd. (Invested in Year 2013)
  6. Major Kantana Co., Ltd. (Invested in Year 2013)
  7. Transformation Films Co., Ltd. (Invested in Year 2014)
  8. MVP M-PICTURES Film Distribution (Lao) Co., Ltd (Invested in Year 2015)
  9. Metacogitions Co.,Ltd. (Invested in Year 2016)
Remarks * MVD’s subsidiaries.